Want to Make a Change? Train Your Mind as Much as Your Body

Patricia Moreno by Patricia Moreno | March 12th, 2009 | 1 Comment
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Why is wanting to make a change not always enough? Sometimes it’s because even though you are taking action somewhere deep inside, you don’t believe you will succeed. You have doubts about your willpower or your ability to make the changes you need to make to fulfill your goal.

So how do you get rid of those doubts? Train your mind as much as you train your body. Doing both at the same time creates an incredible energy mentally and physically.

When I work with my clients, I integrate positive affirmations into the workouts to increase each person’s ability to change the way they think. Saying affirmations or “power phrases” while working out increases their power because you are embodying the statements you are saying. Once you change the way you think, you’ll be able to make the changes you really want to make. Power phrases can help you reach your weight loss goals and almost anything else you imagine.

This is one of my favorite intenSati exercises for your mind and body.

1. Stand with your feet about hip distance apart. Bring your hands underneath your chin and have your elbows at your ribcage. This is your starting and ending point.

2. Now punch up so that the arms cross your face — one arm and then the other. Punch up for 2 counts, and then punch down for two counts. The Rhythm is up, up, down, down.

3. Once you get yourself into a rhythm, add the power phrase, “I believe I will succeed.”

Do this exercise for at least 60 seconds. Say the affirmation with passion, and believe the words you are saying.

If you really want to succeed at achieving your goals, you need a new way of thinking, a new belief and a real desire to change. When you are committed, you will do what is necessary; if you are just interested, you will do what is easy. Change is not easy. What will you choose?


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  1. Hello Patricia,

    Have been longing to write this one to you…
    THis is from my bottom of my heart…YOU are my best friend and my GURU :). Yes i talk to you every day , talk to you every day,

    Yes, I started doing your Dance inspired Yoga work out of yours daily, either the 30 minute or the 50 minute one..Started loving that one soo much..If I dint do it , even one day, I hate my body and they become so stiff…My boy friend is so happy tht I m looking soo good, after doing these exercises…and on the top of it, weeeeeeeee just looooooooooove your voice..

    I love to be in touch with you , to keep myself very fit…I live in India…most of the time, but a frequent traveller.

    Will you be in touch with me, my GURU?


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