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The Joy of Shunning Gas Stations

Posted By John Schaeffer On February 19, 2008 @ 4:05 pm In Green Living | 5 Comments

Every time I pass a gas station I count my blessings. Since I’ve had my own biodiesel tank at my house for the last two years, I’ve almost never had to endure the dubious honor of queuing up in line to fill up my car with fossil fuels shipped from politically unstable countries in the Middle East knowing full well that oil is a rapidly diminishing resource. It’s a unique joy that most biodiesel users tend to take for granted.

And I have the further satisfaction of knowing that my biodiesel doesn’t come from virgin genetically modified soy but instead is wholly recycled from vegetable fryer waste oil from my own Mendocino County. Plus it costs less than most gasoline or ‘dino-diesel’ fuel at the gas pump because I buy a large quantity when it’s at a low price, locking in those prices for a long time.

Did you know that you can run B-100 (100% biodiesel) in your VW Jetta, Mercedes, old Ford truck, or tractor without doing any conversions whatsoever?

Now biodiesel may not be the panacea for the future of fuels as we need land to support our food supplies, but it sure is a great transition fuel for those of us who are sick of using gasoline and supporting the decaying oil infrastructure. Next time you buy a vehicle, consider a diesel powered vehicle, and next time you fill up at a gas station, think about how how simple biodiesel could be!

For the Earth,

John Schaeffer

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