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Top 5 Favorites: Walking Workouts

Girlfriend@Gaiam by Girlfriend@Gaiam | August 21st, 2012 | No Comments
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Walking Workouts

I love walking — outside, on a treadmill, whatever — but I have a little problem commonly known as lack of motivation. On days when it’s cold outside, or drizzly, or appears to be either of the above, I am easily dissuaded from working out … and easily persuaded to sleep the extra half hour instead. But I hate the “no cookie for you today” feeling of regret that not working out brings.

Lucky for me (and you!), has a ton of great walking workout videos. They’re perfect for working out at home — no weather restrictions, no too-loud-for-the-downstairs-neighbors cardio; just fun routines for burning calories.

My favorites combine upper-body strengthening with the lower-body workout. If they have gorgeous scenery, so much the better! These videos eliminate my excuses and, in time, my jeans size. Here are my top five favorites from Gaiam TV. I’m confident you’ll find at least one in here that will tempt you to pick up the pace.

How Nordic Poles Amp Up Your Walk + 4 Starter Tips

Chris Freytag by Chris Freytag | September 18th, 2009 | No Comments
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nordicwalkingAmp up your walks with a set of poles. Taking a lead from cross-country skiing, Nordic walking is about walking with Nordic walking poles. Not only has it been proven to burn more calories, it targets more muscles than regular walking, all while making your workout feel easier.

How Walking Poles Changed My Mind About Fitness Walking

Carla Birnberg by Carla Birnberg | August 20th, 2009 | 14 Comments
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feature-photoIt’s with a little embarrassment that I admit I’m an avowed NON walker-for-exercise. I walk when there’s a destination involved and rarely for the sheer sport of it. But it’s so easy — all you need is a pair of shoes and a place to amble — and walking for as little as 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of heart disease, breast cancer and colon cancer. And walking for 15 minutes, if researchers in the U.K. are indeed correct, lessens chocolate cravings.