Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine

Cheryl Terrace by Cheryl Terrace | July 12th, 2011 | 3 Comments
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Summer Breeze

I’m a bit of a fanatic regarding pure air. I once (single-handedly) moved a dresser into the hallway of a charming B&B because of the mothball smell (my boyfriend at the time was not impressed). Admittedly, it has never been easy being me/green — I smell everything! Synthetic perfumes, soaps, laundry detergents, “air fresheners” and other conventional “fresh smells” gag me. (I must have been a bloodhound in a previous life.)

But of course, scents aren’t all bad. Our sense of smell is so powerful that one whiff of something can instantly transport us back to a certain time and place. Think of mom’s apple pie, or my new favorite smell — herb and lemon roasted chicken. YUM! I’m new to eating meat (only free-range, organic cuts) and cannot believe I never appreciated this amazing aroma before!

And yet, smell is one of the senses most often neglected in the home. The simple act of opening a window and burning a candle can remedy even the stinkiest of houses. Take it a step further and create any mood with a scented (nontoxic) candle.

Besides just smelling good, one of the most important components of a healthy home is proper ventilation. In the home (as in yoga), movement is key to avoid toxic buildup, so airing out your home will not only make it more comfortable, but healthier as well. Plus, there are few things I love more in a home — any home, anywhere — than a fresh breeze. Is there anything sexier than sheer draperies billowing in the moonlight (at least home-wise)? For me, the sensual feeling of a warm breeze on my skin and smell of fresh verdant air is very 1981 Body Heat.

So open your windows wide and let your home, and yourself, breathe!

Happy summer breezes … blowing through the jasmine in my mind.

~ Cheryl


  1. Thanks for posting this Cheryl! I always seem to have my candles burning at every level of my house. The smell of the my candles makes me stop and breath everytime I walk in the front door.

    Michelle Mendoza | July 13th, 2011 | Comment Permalink
  2. hi Michelle, Breath is the key to life &
    There are many proven links between the breath and mental function ~ just remember to .. breathe.. something so taken for granted, yet so infrequently done..

    cheryl | July 14th, 2011 | Comment Permalink
  3. Very simple yet true advice Cheryl!

    Michelle Mendoza | August 10th, 2011 | Comment Permalink

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