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Here are some quick moves to target and lift your buttocks in no time. This series uses resistance bands, which are phenomenal for creating the perfect amount of resistance that will bring about the results you want, fast! Start with one foot through one handle, and using the same hand as foot, hold the other handle. Lie face down on your tummy on the mat.

Slimming cross over

Using control, lift your working leg up, cross it over the other leg, then uncross and lower it back down to the ground. Continue to do this move, crossing the leg over progressively up to 8 times.

Tips: Remember to keep your powerhouse (ab muscles) pulled in and up away from the mat to protect your lower back. It is also important to keep the leg long to get the muscles working at the top of the leg, where you want results.

Press up to tighten up

Place both handles onto one foot. Rise up onto your hands and knees. Lift the leg into the air parallel to the floor with a bent knee. Lift the leg up with control and lower it back down. Repeat this move 10 times.

Tips: Keep your powerhouse pulled up away from the floor. This will protect your lower back and strengthen your core muscles. Resist lowering your leg back down lower than your hip; this moves requires control.

Swing and lift

Keeping the two handles on one foot, lower your working knee back down towards the ground. Drawing your powerhouse in, swing your leg up, and bring it back down again. Repeat this move 10 times.

Tips: As always, the powerhouse is important here. Control is also a factor, but this move has a little more freedom of movement. Be careful, but let your momentum lead you a little.

Repeat this series on the other leg.

Outer thigh magic

This exercise is magical in toning the outer thigh area. Simply double the bands and wrap them around the upper part of both of your legs. Holding onto the handles, lie down on your side. Head can be up or down. Lift the top bent leg 10-20 times.

Tips: This is a fabulous exercise that brings great toning results to the upper thighs. If this is a problem area for you, try incorporating this exercise into your routine on a daily basis; you’ll love the results.

Yours in Pilates and health,

Mari Winsor


  1. I just read about the rear view and I knew I didn’t have bands to use but I started wondering: if it is possible to work out the butt so much in so many ways that it both is bigger without needing so much fat and you don’t cut as much circulation sitting in chairs! I am someone recently diagnosed with scolioses in my lower back. Not only I think or imagine it would feel great to be able to do great butt exercises but I imagine sitting down would feel better. If exercizing my lower back can also influence the size of my butt depending on which workouts, I would LOVE to exercise!

    If there is to know which are the best fruits, vegetables, and nuts (since they are easier or more comfortable to eat than meat), I would love to know so I can have the best butt-influences!

    Joe | February 8th, 2011 | Comment Permalink

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