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Destroy Your Beliefs
 I do not believe in believing.  That has to be
 understood first. Nobody asks me, 'Do you believe in rose flowers? There is no
need.  You can see; the roseflower is there or it
isn't. Only fiction, not facts, have to be believed.

Belief is comfortable, convenient; it dulls.  It is a  kind of drug; it makes you a zombie.  A zombie can be a Christian, \Hindu,
Mohammedan - but they are all zombies, with different labels. And sometimes you get fed up with one label, so they
change the label; the Hindu becomes a Christian, the Christian becomes  a Hindu, a new label, a fresh label, but behind the label the same belief system.
Destroy your beliefs. Certainly it will be uncomfortable, inconvenient but
nothing valuable  is ever gained without inconvenience.


Source: The Book of Understanding

Contributed by: Cain

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