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"When you see something, you react in one of two ways. You either react from knowledge, facts, purity, goodness or it falls on hollowness, on nothing that is real and right. Only two reactions - right, wrong; injurious, healthy. Just two, and I hope already you're impressed by your urgent need to never, ever again forget what you just heard because if you suspect, which you do, that something is causing the wrongness, the mistakes, you can begin to build the necessary foundation of facts, of spiritual knowledge, of awakedness, so that no matter what you see, you won't mangle it. You won't misinterpret, misunderstand it, but will have the right reaction of simply knowing what is going on. And that means - oh, this is essential - that means that no matter what you sight out there, what comes into your view, no matter what it is, you never, ever bring yourself into it as part of the reaction. If you do that, you have wrecked the experience." From a talk given 5/11/1988

Vernon Howard

Source: Secrets to Life

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