War in Iraq

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I would be amazed if a three-day campaign made a decisive difference," "[W]e did not do, in my view, enough damage to degrade it [Iraq's programs for weapons of mass destruction] for six months. It doesn't make any significant difference because in six months to a year they will be back to where they are and we cannot keep repeating these attacks. [. . .] At the end of the day what will be decisive is what the situation in the Middle East will be two to three years from now. If Saddam is still there, if he's rearming, if the sanctions are lifted, we will have lost, no matter what spin we put on it

(in response to the Clinton Administrations missle attacks on Iraq in 1998)

Henry Kissinger (1923 -)

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...Just Keeping the Shit to Shoe level...

Bill Maher

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