A Quote by Albert Camus on faces, happiness, hearts, and unhappiness

When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can have no vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him; and you are torn by the thought of the unhappiness and night you cast, by the mere fact of living, in the hearts you encounter.

Albert Camus (1913 - 1960)

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A Quote by Lester Levenson on ego, lester levenson, and unhappiness

All unhappiness is caused by our trying to be limited, to be an ego. The more we are our Self, the happier we are. We will never be completely happy until we are completely being our Self.
Lester Levenson

Lester Levenson

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A Quote by Anne Frank on alone, afraid, fear, unhappiness, nature, spirituality, god, and loneliness

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.

Anne Frank (1929 - 1945)

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A Quote by Thomas Carlyle on unhappiness, greatness, infinity, mortality, and human condition

Man's unhappiness, as I construe, comes of his greatness; it is because there is an Infinite in him, which with all his cunning he cannot quite bury under the Finite.

Thomas Carlyle (1795 - 1881)

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A Quote by Stuart Walton on happiness, peace, unhappiness, sadness, and being

To posit that there might be some changeless state of final attainment, whether through the aquisition of fame or money, or being able to make all of one's own life choices without acceding to external compulsion, is deeply misleading. We would do better to remember that it is in the nature of unhappiness only to be changeless, and to see happiness as an intermittent state -- sometimes expected, most often not -- that deepens the textures of present life, rather than being a final destination in which, once arrived at, we will surely plan to stay.

Stuart Walton

Source: A Natural History of Human Emotions, Pages: 350

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A Quote by Thomas Carlyle on unhappiness, greatness, omnipotence, finite, universe, shadow, and sunshine

Man's Unhappiness... comes of his Greatness; it is because there is an Infinite in him, with which all his cunning he cannot quite bury under the Finite... Try him with half of a Universe, of an Omnipotence, he sets to quarreling with the proprietor of the other half, and declares himself the most maltreated of men. Always there is a black spot in our sunshine: It is... the Shadow of Ourselves.

Thomas Carlyle (1795 - 1881)

Source: Sartor Resartus (1835)

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A Quote by Simone Weil on attention, unhappiness, people, love, and happiness

Those who are unhappy have no need for anything in this world but people capable of giving them their attention. 

Simone Weil (1909 - 1943)

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A Quote by Stephen King on worry, despair, and unhappiness

I looked at the ceiling and wished this life was over.  This unhappy life that had started out so confidently.  I thought I would sleep no more that night but eventually I did.  In the end we always wear out our worries.That's what Wireman says.  (as the character Edgar from 'Duma Key')

Stephen King (1947 -)

Source: Duma Key: A Novel, Pages: 30

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A Quote by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky on candor, unhappiness, and words

Much unhappiness has come into the world because of things left unsaid.

Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821 - 1881)

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A Quote by Ian Gardner on pain, unhappiness, fear, avoiding pain, avoiding unhappiness, and avoiding fear

The Simple Solution.

            To avoid all pain, unhappiness and fear ......

            avoid birth.

                                                                                                                                  from the "Quo Vadis?" File.

Ian Gardner

Source: The Milk Is White

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