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A Quote by Mary Allison on lying, lies, truth, self worth, honesty, and self love

Lying to others might be wrong, but lying to yourself is just a tragedy

Mary Allison

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A Quote by Janis Joplin on self, self worth, and compromise

Don't compromise yourself; you're all you've got.

Janis Joplin (1943 - 1970)

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A Quote by e. e. cummings on spirit, risk, recognition, mirror, self worth, value, and experience other

We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.

e.e. cummings (1894 - 1962)

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A Quote by Sumner M. Davenport on self worth and self acceptance

Who you are is not who other people judge you to be; nor  is it based on their acceptance of you.

Sumner M. Davenport

Source: It Works With Simple Keys: Updated edition of The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True, NOW with Simple Keys

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A Quote by Sumner M. Davenport on success, education, self worth, and entrepreneur

The Door of Success is opened with the "key of education". Education is found in many ways, and does not always include awards, certificates or degrees.

Sumner M. Davenport

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A Quote by Charles Kingsley on joy, life, love, gratitude, happiness, and self worth

"All we need to be happy is something to be enthusiastic about"

Charles Kingsley (1819 - 1875)

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A Quote by Brown Landone on love, peace, self worth, spirituality, and life

There will never be continuing peace on earth until a transformation is wrought by LOVE in the heart of man

Brown Landone

Source: Updated edition with testimonials- How to Turn Your Desires & Ideals into Reality; ISBN#098152382x

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A Quote by Eckhart Tolle on worth, self worth, belief, self, and soul

In fact every belief is an obstacle.  It does not  even require your realization, since you are already who you are.  But without realization, who you are does not shine forth into this world.  It remains in the unmanifested which is, of course, your true home.  You are then like an apparently poor person who does not know he has a bank account with $100 million in it and so his wealth remains an unexpressed potential.

Eckhart Tolle

Source: A New Earth

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A Quote by Barbara Sher on self-esteem, relationships, self worth, and confidence

"Human beings are not comparable. You can't compare us any more than you can compare roses and oranges, or mountains and the sea. You might prefer living by the sea to living in the mountains. You certainly like some people better than you like others. Preferences are perfectly valid…they're just your style asserting itself again. But you'd feel pretty silly saying 'The sea is better than the mountains.' It's every bit as silly to go around saying 'I'm better than Mary, but Joe is better than me.'"

Barbara Sher

Source: Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want

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A Quote by Laura Teresa Marquez on self worth, self confidence, spiritual awakening, love, knowledge, and motivation

I recieved this email this afternoon and would like to share a qote with you..

The email said.....
In looking at your beautiful web site, I thought of a quote that fits with the spirit I see and feel from you here:

"If you can live by the best inside yourself, the worst outside yourself will crumble at your feet."

Laura Teresa Marquez

Have a great day! Jim, El Paso, TX, USA

From: Jim Stegall

Laura Teresa Marquez

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