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Re-examine all you have been told in school or church or in any book,
and dismiss whatever insults your own soul... 
It is also not consistent with the reality of the soul to admit that there is anything
in the known universe more divine than men and women.
The master knows that he is unspeakably great and that all are unspeakably great. 
There will soon be no more priests... They may wait awhile, perhaps a generation or two,
dropping off by degrees. A superior breed shall take their place.
A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man,
and every man shall be his own priest.

Walt Whitman (1819 - 1892)

Source: Leaves of Grass preface, 1855

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There are many religions seeking to bring comfort and happiness to humanity, just as there are many treatments for a particular disease. All religions endeavor to help living beings avoid misery and find happiness. Although we may prefer one religious perspective to another, there is a much stronger case for unity, stemming from common desires of the human heart. Each religion works to lessen suffering and contribute to the world; conversion is not the point. I do not think about converting others to Buddhism or merely furthering the Buddhist cause. Instead, I try to think of how I as a Buddhist can contribute to the happiness of all living beings.

Dalai Lama

Source: How to See Yourself As You Really Are, Pages: 15

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YOU are in charge of your life, and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!


Source: Aaron Potts

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