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A Quote by unknown on life, self discovery, a process, experience, never wasted, and evolution

Life is a process of self discovery, and no experience is ever wasted. It only brings us closer to our evolution.


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A Quote by Taejoon Lee on self discovery, meditation, psychic, and higher self

“The key to the universe lies dormant within the self, waiting to awaken through self-discovery”

Taejoon Lee

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A Quote by unknown on friendship, lonliness, and self discovery

You'll never be lonely if you learn to befriend yourself.


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A Quote by J. (Jiddu) Krishnamurti on life journey, self discovery, and love

"Put away the book, the description, the tradition, the
authority, and take the journey of self-discovery.
Love, and don't be caught in opinions and ideas about what love
is or should be. When you love, everything will come right.
Love has its own action. Love, and you will know the
blessings of it. Keep away from the authority who tells you
what love is and what it is not. No authority knows and he
who knows cannot tell. Love, and there is understanding."

J. Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)

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