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A Quote by Masahisa Goi on mind, the self, god, and heart

To pray is, first of all, to let one's mind be empty.  It is to cast aside for a while "the self" that has existed until now, letting only God live in one's heart.

Masahisa Goi

Source: God and Man

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A Quote by Ashtavakra Gita on life and the self

What is yesterday, tomorrow, or today? What is space, or eternity? I sit in my own radiance. What is the self, or the not-self? What is thinking, or not thinking? What is good or evil? I sit in my own splendor.

Ashtavakra Gita

Source: The Heart of Awareness: A Translation of the Ashtavakra Gita, Pages: 19:3-4

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A Quote by Eihei Dogen on dogen, zen, buddhism, engligtenment, consciousness, meditation, and the self

When we discover that the truth is already in us, we are all at once around original selves.

Eihei Dogen

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