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There are two types of people in this world: Gypsy and Gadge. Which one am I? Neither. I'm a writer.

Alison Mackie

Source: Alison Mackie Bio

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A Quote by Patrick Jasper Lee on survival, emotional, earth, teacher, gypsy, roma, and emotion

I was encouraged from the beginning to see the Earth as the best teacher and in addition was taught the old Gypsy arts of surviving the gaujo [non-Gypsy] world, much of which involved surviving the world outside your door emotionally.

Patrick Lee

Source: We Borrow the Earth : An Intimate Portrait of the Gypsy Shamanic Tradition and Culture, Pages: 16

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A Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca on egyptian, romany, roma, gitano, fire, blood, drom, and way

... the gitano is the most distinguished, profound and aristocratic element in my country, the one that most represents its Way of being and best preserves the fire, the blood and the alphabet of Andalusian and universal truth....

Federico Garcia Lorca

Source: Egyptian Romany: The Essence of Hispania, Pages: 30

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