A Quote by Flyleaf on love and reciprocity

You speak the unspeakable through "I love you, too."


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A Quote by Eva Cox on competition, social capital, cooperation, reciprocity, and groups

Competing against each other leaves little space for reciprocity and the growth of social capital. Running against another in a race may benefit our speed, but jointly organising the sports day produces cooperation and trust. There are many situations where cooperation and reciprocity are more effective than competition. Civic virtues come from building on what we have in common rather than by using our differences to create in-groups, outgroups and fear driven competition

Eva Cox

Source: A Truly Civil Society

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A Quote by Paul Newman on charity, common good, giving back, reciprocity, and generocity

"Now then, if we were to go the lowest road and plaster my face on the bottle of oil and vinegar dressing just to line our pockets, it would sink. But to go the low road to get to the high road- shameless exploitation for charity, for the common good- now that's an idea worth the hustle, a reciprocal trade agreement."

Paul Newman

Source: Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good: The Madcap Business Adventure by the Truly Oddest Couple, Pages: 37

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