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The "public" seems to have bought into this belief that life can, and should, be run without risk, that all accidents are avoidable, and that death is something that only happens to people who eat meat and smoke.

Jeremy Clarkson

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A Quote by C.S. Lewis on education, propaganda, public, and papers

"Why you fool, it's the educated reader who can be gulled.  All our difficulty comes with the others.  When did you meet a workman who believes the papers?  He takes it for granted that they're all propaganda and skips the leading articles....He's our problem.  We have to recondition him.  But the educated public, the people who read the high-brow weeklies, don't need reconditioning.  They're all right already.  They'll believe anything." -Miss Hardcastle

C.S. Lewis

Source: That Hideous Strength (Space Trilogy, Book 3), Pages: 441

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