Pirke Avot

A Quote by Pirke Avot /Ethics of the Fathers on pirke avot and rabbi hillel

One who advances his name, destroys his name. One who does not increase, diminishes. One who does not learn is deserving of death. And one who make personal use of the crown of Torah shall perish.

Pirke Avot /Ethics of the Fathers

Source: Rabbi Hillel - Pirke Avot 1:13

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A Quote by Pirke Avot /Ethics of the Fathers on mitzvot, pirke avot, and rabbi yehuda hanassi

Which is the right path for man to choose for himself? Whatever is harmonious for the one who does it, and harmonious for mankind.

Be as careful with a minor mitzvah as with a major one, for you do not know the rewards of the mitzvot. Consider the cost of a mitzvah against its rewards, and the rewards of a transgression against its cost.

Contemplate three things, and you will not come to the hands of transgression: Know what is above from you: a seeing eye, a listening ear, and all your deeds being inscribed in a book.

Pirke Avot /Ethics of the Fathers

Source: Rabb Yehuda Ha Nassi - Pirke Avot 2:1

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