A Quote by Ilonchik on love, tango, partnership, dance, balance, harmony, and passion

Love is TANGO and TANGO is love! Yes, it is a dance, yet so much more then just any dance. It is an ongoing conversation between two souls, two hearts and two bodies. It is a sacred dance we enter in with one another, where both "masculine" and "feminine" feel fuly expressed and honored.

ilona glinarsky

Source: my own heart

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A Quote by unknown on love, life, insanity, life path, partnership, cooperation, and independence

I couldn't drive you insane, you were behind the wheel the whole time. In your life, I ride shotgun.


Source: A thought from the book "The Newborn" (not yet published)

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A Quote by Barbara Jean Kelley (My mother) on love, life, and partnership

If you think you're in love, look at the person, imagine them 40 yrs older, and if you can still imagine waking up next to them the rest of you're life, you just might be in love.

Barbara Kelley

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A Quote by Walter Russell on couple, polarity, partnership, love, sex, union, balance, nature, attraction, and attract

Everyone recognizes to some extent the type that each is draw to and they intuitively feel each other’s polarity, mentally and physically. Such types naturally gravitate to and recognize each other, so that out of any hundred people, ninety-nine might have no mental or sex appeal for each other – while the hundredth would. All humans should seek the type which corresponds to their own electric wave length. When types so find each other, they will be as perfectly balanced as sodium and chlorine, and the union should be enduring.
It is a common saying that people should marry their opposites. Nothing could be more contrary to universal law than this statement. Everywhere in Nature, like attracts like. This is fundamental. Opposites repel each other. Opposites in temperament and physical patterns invite discord, infidelity and mutual degradation. Matrimonial mismating unbalances the blood stream just as certainly as promiscuous mismating unbalances it.

Walter Russell

Source: Message of the Divine Iliad Vol. 2 (Divine Iliad)

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A Quote by Abraham H. Maslow on love, actualization, partnership, and development

I may say that (Being) love, in a profound but testable sense, creates the partner. it gives him a self-image, it gives him self-acceptance, a feeling of love-worthiness, all of which permit him to grow. It is a real question whether the full development of the human being is possible without it.

Abraham Maslow (1908 - 1970)

Source: Toward a Psychology of Being, 3rd Edition, Pages: 49

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A Quote by Johann Kaspar Lavater on faults, honesty, and partnership

He who freely praises what he means to purchase, and he who enumerates the faults of what he means to sell, may set up a partnership with honesty.

Johann Kaspar Lavater (1741 - 1801)

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A Quote by James Abram Garfield on ambition, partnership, power, talent, and work

If the power to do hard work is not talent, it is the best possible substitute for it. Ambition by itself never gets anywhere until it forms a partnership with work.

James Garfield (1831 - 1881)

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A Quote by George Eliot on habits, life, love, motives, needs, partnership, soul, and women

A supreme love, a motive that gives a sublime rhythm to a woman's life, and exalts habit into partnership with the soul's highest needs, is not to be had where and how she wills.

George Eliot (1819 - 1880)

Source: Felix Holt, The Radical, ch. 48, 1866.

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A Quote by Florence S. Jacobsen on day, dreams, goals, god, justice, partnership, and planning

Just before bedtime prayers, evaluate each day. Make plans for tomorrow that will move you toward your long-range goal. Strive for a close partnership with God in making your dreams come true.

Florence S. Jacobsen

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