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A Quote by Daniel Goleman on neural wi-fi and mirror neurons

The work with mirror neurons is proceeding furiously around the world. Christian Keysers and Bruno Wicker have shown that one person's emotions activate another person's mirror neurons [2]. At the University of San Diego Dr. V.S. Ramachandran is studying the link between mirror neurons and autism. In short, our brains are constantly reacting to the environment and literally changing based on the people around us.

“Mirror neurons are a kind of 'neural wi-fi' that monitors what is happening in the other people. This system tracks their emotions, what movements they're making, what they intend and it activates, in our brains, precisely the same brain areas as are active in the other person,” Goleman explains. “This puts us on the same wavelength and it does it automatically, instantaneously and unconsciously.

Daniel Goleman


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