A Quote by George Bancroft on life, neighbors, and truth

Truth is not exciting enough to those who depend on the characters and lives of their neighbors for all their amusement.

George Bancroft (1800 - 1891)

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A Quote by George Ade on neighbors

Do unto yourself as your neighbors do unto themselves and look pleasant.

George Ade (1866 - 1944)

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A Quote by Gene R. Cook on home, justice, and neighbors

A seven year old to a neighbor after the boy's house burned down, "Oh, that was not our home. That was our house. We still have our home. We just don't have a place to put it right now."

Gene R. Cook (1941 -)

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A Quote by Frederic William Farrar on liberty and neighbors

Man's liberty ends, and it ought to end, when that liberty becomes the curse of its neighbors.

Frederic William Farrar (1831 - 1903)

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A Quote by Freda Bright on family, neighbors, simplicity, and world

In the late 1600s the finest instruments originated from three rural families whose workshops were side by side in the Italian village of Cremona. First were the Amatis, and outside their shop hung a sign: "The best violins in all Italy." Not to be outdone, their next-door neighbors, the family Guarnerius, hung a bolder sign proclaiming: "The Best Violins In All The World!" At the end of the street was the workshop of Anton Stradivarius, and on its front door was a simple notice which read: "The best violins on the block."

Freda Bright

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A Quote by Ezra Taft Benson on action, appearance, basketball, beginning, belief, change, character, cheating, circumstances, clarity, coaching, conscience, criticism, day, evil, god, guilt, heart, injustice, innocence, joy, judgment, justice, learning,

One day in the middle of an important examination in high school, the point of my lead pencil broke. In those days we used pocket knives to sharpen our pencils. I had forgotten my penknife and turned to ask a neighbor for his. The teacher saw this; he accused me of cheating. When I tried to explain, he gave me a tongue-lashing for lying; worse, he forbade me to play on the basketball team in the upcoming game. I could see that the more I protested the angrier he seemed to become. But again and again I stubbornly told what had happened. Even when the coach pleaded my cause, the teacher refused to budge. The disgrace was almost more than I could bear. Then, just minutes before the game, he had a change of heart and I was permitted to play. But there was no joy in it. We lost the game; and though that hurt, by far the deeper pain was being branded a cheat and a liar. Looking back. I know that lesson was God-sent. Character is shaped in just such crucibles. My parents believed me: they were understanding and encouraging. Supported by them and a clear conscience, I began to realize that when you are at peace with your Maker you can, if not ignore human criticism, at least rise above it. And I learned something else - the importance of avoiding even the appearance of evil. Though I was innocent, circumstance made me look guilty. Since this could so easily be true in many of life's situations, I made a resolution to keep even the appearance of my actions above question, as far as possible. And it struck me, too, that if this injustice happened to me, it could happen to others, and I must not judge their actions simply on appearances.

Ezra Taft Benson (1899 - 1994)

Source: Crossfire: The Eight Years with Eisenhower, p. 17.

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A Quote by Eric Hoffer on humanity, love, and neighbors

It is easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one's neighbor.

Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983)

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A Quote by Emanuel Swedenborg on charity, compassion, love, neighbors, and suffering

Charity means love towards the neighbor and compassion, for anyone who loves his neighbor as himself also has as much compassion for him in his suffering as he does for himself in his own.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 - 1772)

Source: Secrets of Heaven, #351

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A Quote by Ellen Goodman on celebrity, children, conformity, culture, expectation, justice, neighbors, parenthood, responsibility, success, support, teachers, time, and violence

Americans once expected parents to raise their children in accordance with the dominant cultural messages. Today they are expected to raise their children in opposition to them. Once the chorus of cultural values was full of ministers, teachers, neighbors, leaders. They demanded more conformity, but offered more support. Now the messengers are violent cartoon characters, rappers and celebrities selling sneakers. Parents are considered "responsible" only if they are successful in their resistance. That's what makes child-raising harder. It's not just that American families have less time with their kids; it's that we have to spend more of this time doing battle with our own culture.

Ellen Goodman

Source: Boston Globe

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A Quote by Elaine Christensen on garden, gold, happiness, laws, love, motherhood, mountains, neighbors, passion, songs, sons, world, and worship

Last Request Maybe it's because the days are growing shorter, and each one starts and ends in cold, maybe that's why the sun on my back this afternoon is a loving arm--not a lover's, but a son's, the one who seldom comes anymore for love. Maybe it's because the mountain is now etched in white and the foothills, unafraid, blaze copper and gold and the sunflowers beyond my fence eye me, unblinking in their untamed gardens, and the sky, wholly blue, blesses my days with what even my mother-in-law would have to call happiness. Maybe that's why I think of her when the magpies who have squawked all summer from the roof of our tool shed come now reverently to worship beneath the mountain. Maybe that's why the one rosebush nearest the house continues to push tangerine clusters into the world, like my neighbor in her eighties who asks me to paint her fingernails Passionate Plum. There is something each autumn that presses against the wall, that commands me to make a last request: one more lark song, one last rose, petals tipped in yellow, a last look at our purple-leafed maple before it spreads its sequined cape across the grass.

Elaine Christensen (1948 -)

Source: I have learned five things, 1995 winner, Nat’l Fed’n StatePoetry Societies’ manuscript comp

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