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But egoless does not mean "less than personal"; it means "more than personal." Not personal minus, but personal plus--all the normal qualities, plus some transpersonal ones. Think of the great yogis, saints, and sages--from Moses to Christ to Padmasambhaya. They were not feeble-mannered milquetoasts, but fierce movers and shakers--from bullwhips in the Temple to subduing entire countries. They rattled the world on its own terms, not some pie-in-the-sky piety; many of them instigated massive social revolutions that have continued for thousands of years. And they did so, not because they avoided the physical, emotional, and mental dimensions of humanness, and the ego that is their vehicle, but because they engaged them with a drive and intensity that shook the world to its very foundations. 

Ken Wilber

Source: One Taste, Pages: 276

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