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Changing the world doesn’t require much money. Again, think in terms of empowerment and not charity. How much were Gandhi’s teachers paid? How much did it cost to give Dr. Martin Luther King the books that catalyzed his mind and actions?

Just imagine that you and your friends make $40,000 per year. Imagine that you convince just 5 of them to join you in building a children’s school in Nepal dedicated to your parents (or your lifelong friendship). The total cost? 5 people x $3,000 each= $15,000. I know that most people, myself included, will put $3,000 of crap on credit cards in the next few months that could instead create a miracle… a miracle that you can visit.

You and your friends could plan the trip of a lifetime in 6-18 months to visit the completed school, teeming with dozens or hundreds of students who greet you with smiles and thank you letters. You’ll know it’s your school because your names will be on the door.

Tim Ferriss

Source: The Karmic Capitalist: Should I Wait Until I’m Rich to Give Back?

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A Quote by Kenneth J. Gerbino on money, gold, and value

If you don't trust gold, do you trust the logic of taking a pine tree, worth $4,000-$5,000, cutting it up, turning it into pulp, putting some ink on it and then calling it one billion dollars?

Kenneth Gerbino

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A Quote by Peter Cajander on money, society, and ethics

Only a society based on fear needs money.

Peter Cajander

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A Quote by unknown on money and life


Money is a lousy way of keeping score.


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A Quote by John Davison Rockefeller on god, money, gift from god, philanthropy, and fellow man

God gave me my money. I believe the power to make money is a gift from God, to be developed and used to the best of our ability for the good of mankind. Having been endowed with the gift I possess, I believe it is my duty to make money and still more money and to use the money I make for the good of my fellow man according to the dictates of my conscience.

John D. Rockefeller (1839 - 1937)

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A Quote by Peter Cajander on money and definition of money

Our legal tender is based on a threat of violence, and nothing else.

Peter Cajander

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A Quote by Diane MacEachern on money, economy, market, women, and business

Women spend 80 cents of every dollar in the marketplace. We could be the most powerful force for economic and environmental change in the 21st century if we focused our money where it could make the biggest difference. If a million people did that, it would have a $1 billion impact.

Diane MacEachern

Source: A greener planet begins under the kitchen sink:

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A Quote by Larry Brilliant on philanthropy, google, people, profit, and money

One percent of the equity, 1 percent of the profits, and 1 percent of the people go into The most important asset isn’t money, it’s people. One percent of the people means 60 or 70 of the smartest people in the world trying to solve some of the biggest problems in the world.

Larry Brilliant

Source: Wired: Feeling Lucky:

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A Quote by David R. Hawkins on sex, money, and guru

Q: Sex and money are the temptations that are emphasized by many spiritual groups as the traps to be avoided.

A: That tradition has value but also ambiguous results.  First, it creates an aversion and a sense of sin or guilt about the issues.  It also inflates their importance, thereby creating a fear.  It is not sex and money that are problems but the attachments to them.  In the nonattached state, there is neither attraction nor aversion.  Teachers such as Ramakrishna forbade both sex and money to his young male students.  He held that they could be contaminated by even just the energy of sex or money.

Inasmuch as greed and desire calibrate below 200 (they are at 125), avoidance was an attempt to forestall attachment.  However, the desire for sex or money stems from within an can remain within the ego, even though it is not indulged in or acted upon.  At beginning levels of spiritual training, avoidance may well be the best course because desires are so strong.  There mere willingness to sacrifice sensual pleasure or worldly gain is already of value in learning how to transcend attractions and instinctual drives, and the intensity of spiritual commitment is enhanced.

Throughout history and up to the current time, there have been a number of well known 'gurus' who became addicted to sex, power, and money, and who covered up their actions with clever rationalizations.  Those who exhibit wealth, a veneer of spiritual trappings, and who approve of sexual acting out attract many followers.

The basis for this paradox was revealed through spiritual research.  Often, the early writings of a famous or popular guru calibrate quite high (usually in the high 400s to middle 500s).   Then, after much success and acclaim, the calibrated level of the guru drops precipituously, sometimes to even below 200.  Thus, it is not uncommon for there to be a wide disparity between the early writings of a teacher and the teacher's later level of consciousness.  In some cases, both recent and current, the resultant misbehaviors create scandal and dismay, and residual followers haev to resort to denial to rationalize their continued obedience to a cult or group of adherents.  Although the erstwhile guru's own calibration may have fallen significantly, the calibration of the original writings remain the same.

David Hawkins

Source: I: Reality and Subjectivity, Pages: 239-240

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A Quote by Jordan on money, family, security, destroy, idea, question, court, trigger, revolution, jail, prison, corrupt, corruption, punish, crucify, torture, civil, right, rights, and abuse

They took away my money, my family, and my security. Why couldn't they destroy my ideas? We will question them in court tomorrow as we trigger The Revolution of all revolutions!

Jordan Couch

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