A Quote by Sage Vasishtha on one, many, rama candles, kindle, flame, and brahman

The one never became many, O Rama. When many candles are kindled from another, it is the same flame that burns in all candles; even so, the one Brahman appears to be many.

Sage Vasishtha

Source: The Concise Yoga Vasistha ed. Swami Venkatesananda, P. 75

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A Quote by Tom Yeshe on love, mystery, existence, one, many, and leela

Leela, the Plaything of Playeverything!  Love dis-solves the two great Mysteries: Existence, and That One Becoming Many.  Jai Love!

Tom Yeshe

Source: Tom:

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A Quote by Chris on question and many

A question mark connects one thing to many things.

Christopher Galtenberg

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