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The number one thing that matters, especially if you’re going to be manager at Virgin, is how good you are with people. If you’re — if you’re good with people and you’ve got — you know, and you really care, genuinely care about people then I’m sure we could find a job for you at Virgin. I think, you know, that, you know, that the companies that look after their people are the companies that do really well. I’m sure we’d like a few other attributes, but that would be the most important one.

Richard Branson

Source: Transcript of Jane Pauley’s Interview with Sir Richard Branson:

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Here are some great stories from around the web from people who have discovered the importance of happiness at work. First a story from a man with real management potential:

When I get my own department to control, the first thing I am going do is ask people what they want to be happy at work. Truly happy.

My goal would be to get a group of people who loved coming in and loved being there. I would recognize the fact that people the people I hired were adults and would handle their responsiblities.

So what if they spend a day playing a game all day and taking a 2 hour lunch. As long as they get their work done on time and at a high level what difference does it make. If someone was taking advantage of it and not getting their work done, then yeah, it’s a problem. But if they are doing great work, who cares?

In my eyes I look at the results. Sure people do good work right now, but I think by making them more comfortable and making work more enjoyable they would do GREAT work. (Source)

That is the manager of the future - a person who recognizes that a leader’s first responsibility is to make people happy at work. Forget your mission statements, visions statements and corporate values - that is a manifest for great leadership right there.

Alexander Kjerulf

Source: Choose happiness at work:

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By taking an active role in managing your manager, you will suddenly find yourself discussing ways to make your communication and interaction more effective.

Mitch Thrower

Source: "The Attention Deficit Workplace" by Mitch Thrower

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