A Quote by Margaret Neylon on angel, light, speed, travel, help, being, and comfort archangel

Angels are 'beings of light' and therefore travel at the speed of light...

Margaret Neylon

Source: An Angel a Day by Margaret Neylon

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A Quote by Victoria Safford on moment, magic, love, holidays, christmas, and light

Now is the moment of magic,

when the whole, round earth turns again toward the sun,

and here's a blessing: the days will be longer and brighter now, even before the winter settles in to chill us.

Now is the moment of magic, when people beaten down and broken, with nothing left but misery and candles and their own clear voices, kindle tiny lights and whisper secret music,

and here's a blessing: the dark universe is suddenly illuminated by the lights of the menorah, suddenly ablaze with the lights of the kinara, and the whole world is glad and loud with winter singing.

Now is the moment of magic, when an eastern star beckons the ignorant toward an unknown goal,

and here's a blessing: they find nothing in the end but an ordinary baby, born at midnight, born in poverty, and the baby's cry, like bells ringing, makes people wonder as they wander through their lives, what human love might really look like, sound like, feel like.

Now is the moment of magic,

and here's a blessing: we already possess all the gifts we need; we've already received our presents: ears to hear music, eyes to behold lights, hands to build true peace on earth and to hold each other tight in love.

Victoria Safford

Source: Unitarian Universalist Mediations

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A Quote by Mitch on focus, laser, light, and business life

The right kind of focus is a lot like a laser – a concentrated beam of light. Shine this light only on areas of your business life that make sense.

Mitch Thrower

Source: "The Attention Deficit Workplace" by Mitch Thrower

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A Quote by Peter on light and shadow

The brighter the light, the clearer the shadow

Peter Merry

Source: Peter Merry

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A Quote by Mary Dunbar on light, individuality, and uniqueness

We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.

Mary Dunbar

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A Quote by Richard Paul Evans on life, compassion, love, sacrifice, god, and light

"Life's greatest philosophy is not handed down in stoic texts and dusty tomes, but lived, in each breath and act of human compassion. For love has always demanded sacrifice, and no greater love is there than that for which our lives are traded. And in this great cause of spiritual evolution we are all called to be martyers, to die each of us, in the quest of a higher realm and loftier ideals, that we may know God. And what if there is nothing else? What if all life ends in the silent void of death? Then is it all in vain? I think not, for love, for the sake of love, will always be enough. And if our lives are but a single flash in the dark hollow of eternity, then if, but for the briefest of moments, we shine - then how brilliantly our light has burned. And as starlight knows no boundary of space or time, so too, our illumination will shine forth throughout all eternity, for darkness has no power to quell such light. And this is a lesson we must all learn and take to heart - that all light is eternal and all love is light.  And it must forever be so."

Richard Paul Evans

Source: The LETTER, Pages: 334..335

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A Quote by Elizabeth Berg on walking, dark, light, welcome, and stay my head, a person who was out walking and walking in the dark comes to a little house with a light on.  Waits at the door for a moment, and then goes in finds such a welcome that she stays.

Elizabeth Berg

Source: True to Form : A Novel

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A Quote by Elizabeth Berg on wanting, empty center, light, waiting, happiness, and joy

The heart of myself has always been something just wanting so bad.  I have had an empty center, black as a basement, but also knowing about light and waiting.  Young as I am, I know now that everything is about to come.  Jimmy will be the place for me to learn the real happiness.  He will be my Joy School.  My joy.  Mine.

Elizabeth Berg

Source: Joy School (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

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A Quote by Elizabeth Cady Stanton on fear, opinions, truth, silent, divine, light, life, and soul

"The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls. "

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815 - 1902)

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A Quote by Chad Christopher Cobb on sea of milk, chad christopher cobb, ttrinity, wisdom, spiritual novel, eternal, infinite, revelation, creation, life, ignorance, boundless, existence, divine, masterpiece, light, love, joy, inspiration, glory, grace, a

She was he and he was she. She was his masterpiece of light, the masterpiece with all its sheets of paper securely in place. She was his laugh and smile and serene face within the violent one, the freedom soaring in its imprisonment. She was one. She was all. She was the material embodiment of the boundless and limitless spiritual existence. She was divine, a divinity sharing itself, giving of itself, knowing itself. She was the cosmic swirls, was sweet innocence, was the softly spoken words of eternal and infinite revelations of creation, the womb of life. She was ignorance restored in all its abundant glory. Trinity was wisdom.
~ Chad Christopher Cobb, "The Sea of Milk" ~

Chad Christopher Cobb

Source: The Sea of Milk, Pages: 150

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