A Quote by Jesus on justice


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.


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A Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. on morality, history, and justice

Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Martin Luther King Jr (1929 - 1968)

Source: "Where do we go from here?"

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A Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. on justice, history, violence, faith, and hope

Through violence you may murder a murderer, but you can't murder murder.
Through violence you may murder a liar, but you can't establish truth.
Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can't murder hate.
Darkness cannot put out darkness. Only light can do that...

Difficult and painful as it is, we must walk on in the days ahead with an audacious faith in the future. When our days become dreary with low-hovering clouds of despair, and when our nights become darker than a thousand midnights, let us remember that there is a creative force in this universe, working to pull down the gigantic mountains of evil, a power that is able to make a way out of no way and transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows. Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Martin Luther King Jr (1929 - 1968)

Source: "Where do we go from here?", August 1967

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A Quote by Mahnaz Afkami on justice, community, and compassion

...  Any defintion of a culture of peace must address the problem of achieving justice for communities and individuals who do not have the means to compete or cope without structured assistance and compassionate help.

Mahnaz Afkami

Source: Culture of Peace Heroes; 10,000 Villages Fair Trade quote

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A Quote by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on private property and justice

Justice is the infrastructure of proprietorship.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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A Quote by Plato on philosophy, madness, justice, nature, wind, peace, and hope

"Those who belong to this small class have tasted how sweet and blessed a posession philosophy is, and have also seen enough of the madness of the multitude; and they know that no politician is honest, nor is there any champion of justice at whose side they may fight and be saved. Such an one may be compared to a man who has fallen among wild beasts-- he will not join in the wickedness of his fellows, but neither is he able singly to resist all their fierce natures, and therefore seeing that he would be of no use to the State or to his friends, and reflecting that he would have to throw away his life without doing any good either to himself or others, he holds his peace, and goes his own way. He is like one who, in the storm of dust and sleet which the driving wind hurries along, retires under the shelter of a wall; and seeing the rest of mankind full of wickedness, he is content, if only he can live his own life and be pure from evil or unrighteousness, and depart in peace and good-will, with bright hopes."

Plato (c.427 - 347 BC)

Source: The Republic

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A Quote by unknown on maitreya, sharing, love, poverty, justice, hunger, starvation, shame, humanity, share, and brotherhood

"Throughout the world there are men, women and little children who have not even the essentials to stay alive; they crowd the cities of many of the poorest countries in the world. This crime fills Me with shame. My brothers, how can you watch these people die before your eyes and call yourselves men?"

- Maitreya, the World Teacher


Source: Maitreya, the World Teacher

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A Quote by Ben Franklin on vegan, compassion, spirituality, soul, god, justice, ethics, love, environment, and ecology

Ben Franklin

When a human being kills an animal for food, he is neglecting his own hunger for justice. Man prays for mercy, but is unwilling to extend it to others. Why then should man expect mercy from God? It is unfair to expect something that you are not willing to give.

Ben Franklin

Source: Ben Franklin

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A Quote by "Mahatma" Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on vegan, compassion, love, environment, ecology, ethics, god, spirituality, and justice

J. H. Kellogg

It ill becomes us to invoke in our daily prayers the blessings of God, the Compassionate, if we in turn will not practice elementary compassion towards our fellow creatures.

Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

Source: J.H. Kellogg

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A Quote by Sri Aurobindo on vegan, compassion, love, kindness, soul, spirituality, justice, ethics, god, environment, and ecology

Sri Aurobindo

Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test, consists of its attitude toward those who are at tis mercy: animals. And in this respect, human kind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.

Sri Aurobindo

Source: Sri autobindo

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