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A Quote by the Great Goddess on inner wisdom

And you who desire to know Her, know your seeking and yearning shall avail you not unless you know the mystery; that if that which you seek you find not within, then you will never find it without.

the Great Goddess

Source: The Charge of the Great Goddess (Doreen Valiente)

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A Quote by Susan on transformation, self-knowledge, mastery, soul-centered, intuition, inner wisdom, visualization, imagination, life purpose, personal power, a path with heart, intention, alchemy, self-trust, success, and fulfillment

"If we truly want to create a life that is grounded in basic well-being, we must decide to commit ourselves to learning what it takes to thrive instead of merely survive."

Susan Velasquez

Source: Beyond Intellect: Journey into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind, Pages: 110

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