A Quote by Adyashanti on ego, freedom, self, awakening, and enlightenment

The ultimate freedom from the nonexistent ego is to see that it is actually irrelevant.


Source: Emptiness Dancing, Pages: 77

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A Quote by Adyashanti on awakening, quiet, freedom, self, enlightenment, and emptiness

When you rest in quietness and your image of yourself fades, and your image of the world fades, and your ideas of others fade, what's left? A brightness, a radiant emptiness that is simply what you are.


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A Quote by Adyashanti on freedom, insecurity, free, spirituality, striving, spiritual, mind, seeking, and enlightenment

Inherent in the impulse to be free, is insecurity.  The impulse to be free comes from outside of the mind, and because of this, it makes the mind feel very insecure.  Most spiritual seekers move away from this insecurity by seeking and striving for a distant spiritual goal.  That’s how they avoid feeling insecure.


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A Quote by Adyashanti on enlightenment, freedom, ordinary, and free

An ordinary man seeks freedom through enlightenment. An enlightened man expresses freedom through being ordinary.


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A Quote by Adyashanti on spiritual, spirituality, violence, control, freedom, enlightenment, mind, and unkown

Spiritual people can be some of the most violent people you will ever meet. Mostly, they are violent to themselves. They violently try to control their minds, their emotions, and their bodies. They become upset with themselves and beat themselves up for not rising up to the conditioned mind's idea of what it believes enlightenment to be. No one ever became free through such violence. Why is it that so few people are truly free? Because they try to conform to ideas, concepts, and beliefs in their heads. They try to concentrate their way to heaven. But freedom is about the natural state, the spontaneous and un-self-conscious expression of beingness. If you want to find it, see that the very idea of "a someone who is in control" is a concept created by the mind. Take one step backward into the unknown.


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A Quote by Wayne Dyer on william penn, god, tyranny, ego, and freedom

As William Penn put it: "Those people who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants." Remember... that those tyrants are often self-imposed roadblocks of your lower self at work.

Wayne Dyer

Source: The Power of Intention

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A Quote by paramhansa yogananda on soul, adventures, fight, ideas, wish, form, desire, freedom, and formlessness

The soul's first adventure is the fight between two ideas: the wish to return to earth in a human form, and the desire to feel the freedom of having no form.

paramhansa yogananda

Source: Man's Eternal Quest, Pg. 64

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A Quote by Delmar England on freedom, value, fear, and envision

"Rather than freedom being the highest value sought by most, it is their deepest and most abiding fear. So much so that they can't even envision it."

Delmar England

Source: MInd Over Matters

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A Quote by John Polanyi on science, discovery, freedom, truth, paths, and worldview

At the heart of science lies discovery which involves a change in worldview.  Discovery in science is possible only in societies which accord their citizens the freedom to pursue the truth where it may lead and which therefore have respect for different paths to that truth.

John Polanyi

Source: Canadian Nobel Laureate (Chemistry); commencement address, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, June 1990

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A Quote by Heather C on america, freedom, and persistance

"What am I standing on? I am standing on America. I wouldn't get to stand here if America backed down when someone told us too!"

Heather C

Source: ME, when a friend told me to give up a protest.

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