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A Quote by unknown on work hard, pay attention, and film quote

If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.


Source: Whoopi Goldberg from the movie Sister Act 2

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A Quote by Alan Ball on beauty and film quote

It's hard to stay mad when there is so much beauty in the world.

Alan Ball

Source: "American Beauty" Film written by Alan Ball

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A Quote by unknown on film quote

When the shit hits the fan get a tent.


Source: Driving Lessons The Movie (Evie)

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A Quote by unknown on instinct and film quote

Sometimes the mind, for reasons we don't necessarily understand, just decides to go to the store for a quart of milk.


Source: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, Three Doctors, 1993

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A Quote by unknown on film quote

You're too sweet for rock and roll.


Source: movie: Almost Famous (Pennylane)

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A Quote by unknown on film quote

Everything works, if you let it!


Source: The movie Roadie

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A Quote by William Goldman on optimism, pessimism, doubt, survival, film quote, and the princess bride

"We'll never survive!"
"Nonsense. You're only saying that because no one ever has."

William Goldman

Source: The Princess Bride

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A Quote by unknown on braveheart and film quote

All men die, but some never live


Source: Braveheart

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A Quote by Jack Sparrow on jack sparrow, pirates of the caribbean, pirate, honesty, stupidity, pearls of wisdom, and film quote

Honestly, it's the honest one you need to watch out for because you can never predict when they're gonna do something incredibly... stupid

Jack Sparrow

Source: Pirates of the Caribbean

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A Quote by unknown on eternity, eternal love, and film quote

You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story.


Source: From the Movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

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