A Quote by unknown on immortality, cherish, heart, true, inevitable, fear, and illusion

Immortality is but an illusion to those who fear the inevitable, for true immortality lies in the hearts of those by whom we're cherished.


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A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, future, present, desire, wants, hopes, despair, futility, disillusionment, actualities, possibilities, belief, and fear

Everything that humans want or desire or hope for, every kind of external fetish no matter how remote or minor that they may premise some key part of their happiness upon, is a nerve that can be tweaked, a fear that can be toyed with -- even by oneself. Most of the "present" in human life is really subjective projections of a kind of future that one needs to believe in, in order to stave off despair or futility or disillusionment, etc. We live most of our lives in an unwitting subjunctive mood, in the unrecognized modulation from actualities into the possibilities of an always-intoxicating wish-world.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by Jan Phillips on fear, past, present, and future

We are vulnerable to fear only when we leave the present.  If I drift into the past, my regrets surge up, my memories of failing and forsaking.  If I shift into the future, I meet with doubt and delusion, fear of what's to come, what I'm not capable of controlling.  It's in the present moment that I belong.

Jan Phillips

Source: God Is at Eye Level: Photography as a Healing Art, Pages: 57

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A Quote by Yoda on yoda, the force, dark side, anger, fear, and aggression

Beware of the Dark Side.  Anger, Fear, Agression.  The Dark Side of the Force are they.  Easily they flow.  Quick to join you in a fight.  If once you start down the Dark Path, forever will it dominate your destiny.  Consume you it will.


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A Quote by Mark Twain on death, die, fear, living fully, and any moment

"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time."

Mark Twain  

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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A Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson on fear


Do what you fear and your fear will die.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)

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A Quote by Henry van Dyke on time, love, and fear

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice but for those who love-- time is eternity."

Henry van Dyke (1852 - 1933)

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A Quote by tara on womenswisdom, fear, courage, shadow, projection, and tara

when you face the demons
in the deep dark forest
they tend to become
your friends


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A Quote by Suzanne Segal on spiritual practice, belief, enlightenment, true nature, fear, awareness, consciousness, collision with the infinite, beyond self, no self, self realization, julie sarah powell, and bernadette roberts


Behind most spiritual practices is the belief that you have to get someplace you're not- a destination called realization or enlightenment. But realization isn't someplace else; it's the naturally occurring human state. It doesn't belong to anybody. It's who we all are. Spiritual practices also set up many pictures of what this state looks like. For example, when I described how much fear was present, people told me the fear meant that something must be wrong, because fear was an indication that I wasn't in the proper state. But fear is just what it is, and it's there too in the vastness of who we are.

Suzanne Segal

Source: Suzanne Segal from Collision with the Infinite p159

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A Quote by Domus Ulixes on people, advantage, stupid, growing, wisdom, blend in, and fear

There are two kinds of people, the ones that blend in, and those who do not seek to be accepted into an existing group only if they change who they are. These last are the people who wish to remain themselves. Both of these people fear. The first one will do all sorts of stupid things that they will regret in the future, if it were only to be accepted. And the other kind will choose not to do this stuff and show the world who they are. They to will do things that is regretted in the future. Because both will encounter a kind of sinister people, that will take advantage of the inexperience and their quest for social contact. In the end, it doesn't matter what kind of person you are to be accepted in society. Nor will it matter how much people will like you. What matters is in how well you will recognize the people that just want to take advantage, and those that don't.

Frederik Kerling

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