A Quote by Huston Smith on desert, presence, and silence

I simply wanted to experience the presence of this man [Gerald Heard] who had revolutionized my understanding. After a while we sat in silence, gazing at the barren canyon walls. And the mute desert seemed to carry on our conversation for us.

Huston Smith

Source: Tales of Wonder: Adventures Chasing the Divine, an Autobiography

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A Quote by Byron Katie on gurus, teachers, desert, wisdom, awakening, and earth

I would go out into the desert. The desert was my teacher. I didn't know about gurus and wise people—I wasn't a reader.

Byron Katie

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A Quote by Serge Boulgakov on living, desert, and god

"Living in the desert does not only mean living without people, but living with God and for God."

Serge Boulgakov

Source: The Hermitage Within

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A Quote by Raphie on nero, rome, iraq, and desert

Is that a fiddle I hear there somewhere drifting through those fired dry sands?

Raphie Frank

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