A Quote by Robert Aitken on buddhism, affinity, and connection

What is it that caused your great-grandmother on her meeting with your great-grandfather to recognize him as her future mate and the future father of her children? You can call it a mystery, but it is a mystery that does not imply doubt. We can presume she felt something definite. She felt affinity.

Robert Aitken (1734 - 1802)

Source: The Dance of Affinity

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A Quote by Robert Aitken on buddhism, affinity, and connection

 Affinity, affinity. All beings are made up by affinity. The whole universe, through every dimension, forms a vast net of affinity that is all of a piece--a multi-dimensional web. With any movement within the web, everything moves. Each gesture, each blink brings a new kind of equilibrium and new kinds of interplay throughout the net. This is a never-ending process from the unknown past to the unknown future, and through all other dimensions including the eternal present. Touches that bring joy and harmony bring new interplay and new equilibrium. Touches that cause suffering and death bring new interplay and new equilibrium as well.

Robert Aitken (1734 - 1802)

Source: The Dance of Affinity

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A Quote by Sister Chan Khong on buddhism, connection, death, and reincarnation

When you hear that my body has ceased to exist, please do not feel sad. Just look deeply and see that my life and work continue in so many friends, so many young people, in their own ways and through their work. I will continue in everyone and everything I have ever touched. I have nothinng to fear and nothing to regret. 

Chan Khong

Source: Learning True Love: How I Learned to Practice Social Change in Vietnam, Pages: 251

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A Quote by Deepak Chopra on connection

"Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging."

Deepak Chopra

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A Quote by Erich Fromm on anxiety, separateness, one, and connection

The experience of separateness arouses anxiety; it is, indeed, the source of all anxiety.

Erich Fromm (1900 - 1980)

Source: The Art of Loving (Perennial Classics), Pages: 8

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A Quote by Kare Anderson on conflict, connection, likeability, affection, friendship, say it better, and acceptance

Look to their positive intent, especially when they appear to have none.

Kare Anderson

Source: Say it Better blog

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A Quote by Kare Anderson on likeability, connection, relationship, and conflict

People like people who like them.

Kare Anderson

Source: Say it Better blog - Kare Anderson

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A Quote by Kabir on oneness, connection, unity, and meditation

All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.


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A Quote by John Welwood on love, relationship, soul, heart, connection, spirit, growth, and transcendence

A soul connection is a resonance between two people who respond to the essential beauty of each other's individual natures, behind their facades, and who connect on this deeper level.  This kind of mutual recognition provides the catalyst for a potent alchemy.  It is a sacred alliance whose purpose is to help both partners discover and realize their deepest potentials.  While a heart connection lets us appreciate those we love just as they are, a soul connection opens up a further dimension -- seeing and loving them for who they could be, and for who we could become under their influence.  This means recognizing that we both have an important part to play in helping each other become more fully who we are....A soul connection not only inspires us to expand, but also forces us to confront whatever stands in the way of that expansion.

John Welwood

Source: Love and Awakening : Discovering the Sacred Path of Intimate Relationship, Pages: 50

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A Quote by Swami Paramananda on self-realization, consciously, connected, source, being, and connection

Self-realization means that we have been consciously connected withour source of being.  Once we have made this connection, then nothing can go wrong...

Swami Paramananda

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