A Quote by Charles Lamb on birds, delay, earth, home, and idleness

The bird let loose in Eastern skies, Returning fondly home, Ne'er stoops to earth her wing, nor flies Where idle warblers roam; But high she shoots through air and light, Above all low delay, Where nothing earthly bounds her flight, Nor shadow dims her way.

Charles Lamb (1775 - 1834)

Source: Oh That I had Wings.

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A Quote by Charles Erwin Wilson on birds, dogs, and food

I have always liked bird dogs better than kennel-fed dogs myself, you know, one that will get out and hunt for food rather than sit on his fanny and yell.

Charles Erwin Wilson (1890 - 1961)

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A Quote by C. Archie Danielson on ambition, birds, and intelligence

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

C. Archie Danielson

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A Quote by Bret Harte on birds and certainty

A bird in the hand is a certainty, but a bird in the bush may sing.

Bret Harte (1839 - 1902)

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A Quote by Bill Vaughan on birds


In the next century it will be the early mechanical bird which get the first plastic worm out of the artificial grass.

Bill Vaughan

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A Quote by Benjamin Franklin on america, birds, character, country, men, originality, and wishes

I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country; he is a bird of bad immoral character: like those among men who live by sharping and robbing, he is generally poor, and often very lousy. The turkey is a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original native of America.

Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

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A Quote by Audrey Hepburn on birds, country, and passion

In Holland and Belgium, and afterwards in England, my happiest moments were in the country. I've always had a passion for the outdoors, for trees, for birds and flowers.

Audrey Hepburn (1929 - 1993)

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A Quote by Arthur J. Lamb on beauty, birds, and gold

Her beauty was sold for an old man's gold. She's a bird in a gilded cage.

Arthur J. Lamb (1870 - 1928)

Source: A Bird in a Gilded Cage, 1900

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A Quote by Anne Raver on birds, garden, and world

To me, the garden is a doorway to other worlds; one of them, of course, is the world of birds. The garden is their dinner table, bursting with bugs and worms and succulent berries.

Anne Raver

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A Quote by André Kostelanetz on birds, colors, garden, inspiration, life, plants, play, study, and surprises

We found Matisse living in a small house, with a magnificent, sweeping view beyond his vegetable garden. In one room there was a cage with a lot of fluttering birds. The place was covered with paintings, most of them obviously new ones. I marveled at his production and I asked him, "What is your inspiration? "I grow artichokes, he said. His eyes smiled at my surprise and he went on to explain: "Every morning I go into the garden and watch these plants. I see the play of light and shade on the leaves and I discover new combinations of colors and fantastic patterns. I study them. They inspire me. Then I go back to the studio and paint.

Andre Kostelanetz (1901 - 1980)

Source: This I Believe, 1952

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