A Quote by unknown on dance, fame, gold, justice, laughter, love, modesty, pride, service, thought, and wealth

I built a ship-a great large ship, And Pride stood at the helm And steered for Fame, that wondrous land, And Wealth-bright, golden realm! And Pride was captain, mate, and crew, And launched my ship with much ado. "Now go, my ship, my great, great ship, And laugh the winds to scorn." And lo, my ship came back to me All broken, bent. and torn! I built a ship, a lovely ship, With modern wings of white, And thought not of bright Wealth or Fame, But Service rose in sight. Love was my captain, mate, and crew And launched my ship without ado. "Now go, my ship, my lowly ship, Thy modest wings unfold." And lo, my ship came dancing back Just weighted down with gold!


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