A Quote by Sorin Cerin on man god


 This man will not be able to understand why the sun still has the power to shine, eve if everything is vanity, as he will not be able to understand why the sun, the universe and all of its infinite galaxies and the endless stars have an age. He will not be able to understand why all of this dies, why they will all be someday stardust, and more than that, they will be Void and being, they will the nothingness of the vanity of vanities in vanity.
And man will wonder: Was it at least a Curse!?
No, they cannot even be that.
He will wonder again: Was it a prayer or faith!?
And he will turn to the church again, but this time he will not look for the church outside him, but only inside him, finding it in the Sacred Self alone, where it awaited him for so long facing the ages, when man was facing himself.
And Man will shout desperately to his Sacred Self: Why all of this? Why the vanity?
Only then the Sacred Self will answer him: For you! It was all for you Man!
For me?, will answer the man to his Sacred Self.
Yes Man! Yes Man! Yes Man!, will infinitely repeat the Sacred Self.

Sorin Cerin

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