A Quote by Sorin Cerin on man


By opposing the human in the man and thus activating the inhuman does nothing else than dehumanize that man by further alienating him from his self and along with it, as man is a social individual, to create a society increasingly absurd, selfish and unfair to the human being that will be exiled to the ideological suburbs of such a society, suburbs that will give evidence of a radicalization of the feelings that are contrary to the man's sacred self, and the centre will represent an elitist society that will lead to a equally great self alienation of the human beings that form it, but based on the idea that they are some kind of gods, forgetting that Gods are those who indirectly entailed the original Sin, that man has donated his Sacred Self to the gods that were responsive to the elite of that society when the unfavourable turn in the Destiny of mankind, that of losing man's control over the sacred self and eventually donate it to the gods in exchange of help. Man donated his sacred self to the social elite of that such unfavourable time for mankind when the original sin was born. This is why, for me, Nietzsche is an up-side down philosopher having through the great merit of advocating that the human being does not really have a will.

Sorin Cerin

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