A Quote by Sorin Cerin on knowledge

 Even if I use sweet phrases in this description, I cannot even be sure that what I write here is true, precisely because I do not know the Absolute Truth, but what I argue in this pages is a feeling of this tear that is my life, a feeling on this world that will disappear just as it appeared, maybe in fire and ashes or in steam and tar.
My fingers writing in this moments, or I fell they are writing, not knowing the Absolute Truth, will be as my body, just star dust, in a moment of the Universe's time..
What will it remain from me?
My thoughts?
I think they are much more eternal than my body. Eternal in some conscience?
Even if I stay in the conscience of mankind for a certain time, they will not be forever remembered, because human kind is not eternal either, the whole human kind, with the billions of people living as if they were eternal, is nothing else than a passing tear on the Creator's cheek and nothing more.
Even Time and Space will go away, and only our shadow named destiny will remain!
And maybe then my cry will be heard from this Redemption of Times and Spaces, a shout that I want, for once, to find out the Known and not the Illusion of Life in a world with a Logical Coefficient 2.
And if I were destined to know, to find the Knowledge only once, what will I see, if I try to see with my thoughts without eyes or ears, without forehead and temples to be used or wrinkled?
I will see Knowledge.
And how will it be? Will it be beautiful or ugly, close or distant, inside or outside me?
Everything I know is that I will be befogged by everything I will be meant to see.
Because what I will then feel may be the most disappointing moment that I will ever live in any world throughout my destiny.
Why will it be the most disappointing moment?
Precisely because Knowledge, instead of appearing under the shiny form of so many trends of ideas or of any other nature that will tempt me with their divine beauties, it will be nothing more that a mere phrase written in fire letters, saying that:
Only those who do not know seek knowledge because those who know it do not know what it is and they will never know it, because knowledge exists only for those who do not know!
Then I will understand that at the end of the world's time is truly vanity, that the Absolute Truth is Vanity and knowing that is worse than living with the original sin, not to mention the man who found his Sacred Self again.
And I will once again want to go back to the worlds of Knowledge, were to be received in such a world again, irrespective of its Logical Coefficient, even if this Knowledge is to be given to me through senses, as the plants received it, even if I were to be an insect or an animal, a sea mammal or a Man, or anything else in another world with another Logical Coefficient.
What would be important to me is to be born again in non-Knowledge and not to find out the Absolute Truth of non-Knowledge, because it is a lot better like this.

Sorin Cerin

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