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We need men and women, prophets and prophetesses of the latter day, that shall look upon all the worthy enterprises of life as threads that are woven into the tissue of God's conduct of the world and purpose for it — men and women who shall appreciate, with a deep and tender feeling, that all of this is God's world, that we are even now His angels — that is, His messengers — commissioned by Him on errands of holy service, none of the world's work that we enter into so common as not to be sacred, nor our own powers of effect so abundant as not to require replenishment from divine sources; that thus our efforts may be lifted into range with the works of those who have wrought mightily and who have been able to work thus, not because of any unusual native endowment, but because they felt the sanctity of the material in which they laboured, and so have been baptized with that spirit of love, wisdom and power which always attends those whose hearts have been reached by God's touch.

Rev. Charles H. Parkhurst

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