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Our discomfort may be experienced as painful emotions:  We may suddenly feel deep heartache, unpleasant agitation, dreadful anxiety, or extreme nausea.  We may feel fear, panic, groundless anger, irritation, paranoia, desire, pride and so on.  The list is endless.  These emotions are expressions of tension because we find ourselves locked in them--they won't move and we are unable to escape.

This initial, most crucial step in the body work involves discovering a body that is in a lot of discomfort, holding, or tightness.  As our awareness develops, we begin to realize that our habitual, if subliminal, response to all this somatic distress is an unconscious or barely conscious pattern of freezing;  we are holding on for all we are worth, fearful and paranoid, tensing our body so we won't have to feel.  We begin to realize that we have been walling off all this discomfort for years, decades, or even our whole life.

reginald ray

Source: excerpted from "Touching Enlightenment"

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