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"When we find a person whose mind mirrors our own - mirrors:

their thoughts are our thoughts, our thoughts are theirs, not because

they want to be, because they naturally are - when you find a person

who thinks as highly of you as you do of yourself and vice versa, the

magnetic power of mind to mind is billions of years transcendent of

sexual attraction."

Ramtha Knight

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You are here to create reality, not to continue status quo. You are here to grow in knowledge, philosophy, and then in truth.  You are here to live, and not be afraid of life. You are here to use your brain to create thoughts and to conquer your ignorance.

What happens when a person becomes enlightened? They conquer their ignorance. What does that mean?

That means they develop their Spirit rather than their altered ego, their personality, their body. And they work everyday in embodiment of that (spirit) energy. They don’t ever really grow old. They have dynamic energy.

They can create and their level of acceptance is extraordinary.

New age is not new age; it is forever age. What it means is being greater than your body, greater than your prejudice and greater than your lack.” – Ramtha

Ramtha Knight

Source: A Beginner's Guide to Creating Reality, Third Edition, Pages: 105

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"If you think, out of ten billion suns in the Milky Way, that this pitiful speck of dust, this emerald

with the yellow Sun in the outermost corner of God's mind, is the only planet to host life,

you need a Vision!"  - Ramtha

Ramtha Knight

Source: Ufos and nature of Reality, Understanding Alien Consciousness and Interdimensional Mind

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