Philip Wheelwright

A Quote by Philip Wheelwright on poetry, myth, and reality

The poet of today profoundly inhibited by the dearth of shared consciousness of myth.  Our current motivating ideas are not myths but ideologies, lacking transcendental significance. This loss of myth-consciousness I believe to be the most devastating loss that humanity can suffer; for ... myth-consciousness is the bond that unites men both with one another and with the unplumbed Mystery from which mankind is sprung and without reference to which the radical significance of things goes to pot. Now a world bereft of radical significance is not long tolerated; it leaves me radically unstable, so that they will seize at any myth or pseudo-myth that is offered.

Philip Wheelwright

Source: essay on "Poetry, Myth and Reality" in "The Burning Fountain: A Study in the Language of Symbolism" 1968

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