A Quote by Neville Goodard


Leave the state containing poverty and move into the state containing wealth, and wealth will take on reality. This room has reality and substance because you are thinking from it.

Think of a room, however, and it is but a shadow. Think of a state and it seems a mere possibility. But enter it by thinking from the state and it is the only reality.

Blake said: "If the spectator could only enter into the image in his Imagination; if he could make a friend and companion of his image, he would rise from the grave and meet the Lord in the heavens."

Now, buried in a state, you are a spectator of other states. But if you will rise from your present state and bury yourself in another, you will express it. If you can be what you want to be, why not become it?

Why sit in a state you dislike and argue, when you can move into another state in your imagination? But once you have moved into the state of your fulfilled desire, don't be like Lot's wife. Don't look back at your former state and preserve it, for salt is a preservative.

Neville Goodard

Contributed by: Darren