A Quote by Marlo Morgan on gift and true gifts

We all laughed when Oota told how the government sometimes provided housing for the Aborigines.  The people slept in the yard and used the houses for storage.  That brought up their definition of a gift.  According to the tribe, a gift is only a gift when you give someone what the person wants.  It is not a gift if you give what you want them to have.  A gift has no attachment.  It is given unconditionally.  The persons receiving it have the right to do anything with the gift:  use it, destroy it, give it away, whatever.  It is theirs without condition, and the giver expects nothing in return.  If it doesn't fit that criteria, it is not a gift.  It should be classified as something else.  I had to agree that government gifts and, unfortunately, most of what my society would consider a gift would be classified differently by these people.

Marlo Morgan

Source: Mutant Message Down Under, Pages: 159

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