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The English language, unfortunately, is not perfect and many words have confusing common usage. Often the passive term belief is confused with the active terms believe and faith. For purposes of this essay - to more clearly distinguish the elements of spiritual conditions - we shall use the word belief in its accepted meaning as mere passive, intellectual acknowledgement of an idea or proposition without conscientiously living ones life according to such belief. On the other hand, believe and faith are herein used in their accepted meanings as equivalent active terms that signify conscientious commitment to act out the principle involved. Brigham Young addressed this confusion of terms when he said, "No living, intelligent being, whether serving God or not, acts without belief. But he must believe the truth, obey the truth, and practice the truth, to obtain the power of God called faith."

Loyd J. Ericson

Source: Loyd J. Ericson, The Sower and the Divine Pattern of Progress, Boise, Idaho, 1998

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