A Quote by Kevin Byer

"We all have the power to help or harm other life, let us never choose harm, even when we are hurting. Our planet is like a star, and its greatest asset is its light. Each being has light within them, and even when our own light is dim, we must at the least, allow others to shine. The brighter our planet is, the better it is. I want this planet to shine. Even when you can't see or feel the light of others, it is there. Sometimes if you spin yourself around so much, you'll be facing the wrong direction and won't be able to see it, but it's always there. Too much darkness can consume the planet and make it extinct. Let us all shine as individuals, and when we aren't, let us allow others to shine and use that to keep us strong. Let us all shine together."

Kevin Byer

Contributed by: Kiernan