A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, wisdom, and discrimination

Offhandedly, when I consider the matter in abstracto, I might wonder how marvelous this world would be if indeed it were even possible to sell philosophy on the market. That would mean that some quorum or critical mass of intelligent minds existed who (a) understood what it really was, (b) comprehended how deformed and crippled and darkened life would be without it being developed to the utmost, and (c) recognized that there was nothing else whatsoever in all the finite world that one should not be willing to pay in order to secure one's basal principles of wisdom first, just because of the richer life that comes in their wake. Just the idea of having enough culturally literate minds to be capable of discriminating between philosophizing and sappy moralizing or vacuous feel-good rhetoric, enough to make the marketing of philosophy feasible: that would be historically and civilizationally prodigious.

Kenneth Smith

Contributed by: Dave