A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, love, yin yang, interdependence, and spirit

The Feminine element achieves "domination" dialectically by means of submission (the very opposite of domination i.e.), thus becoming the vital factor by permitting the union or yoking of the two to take place, and the Masculine element likewise achieves its self-assertion only by grace of submitting to what the Feminine alone can do:  they ascend to a new kind of life or activity "as a whole" through their passivization or subordination as subcomponents.  They are "members one of another," wholes through their interactive (con-crete or grown-together) differences.  Two forms of self-supersession take place, two dialectical ways of qualifying the one-sidedness of each principle:  for each strives to be or become "the whole" and can only do so under the terms of the other's specific identity.  Any relation in which one finite personality is merely subdued or absorbed by or reduced to another finite personality is not spiritual and is not love:  it may be infatuation, it may be cult of personality or charisma, it may be domination (for the sake of or not for the sake of exploitation), but it lacks the full dialectical dynamics of spirit.

Kenneth Smith

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