A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, hegel, self-mastery, and spirit

CS has the same problems with evil that it does with corporeality and with the domain of nature; it cannot comprehend the possibility of a dimension of counterforces that will not comply with its too-saccharine or Apollonian vision of spirit.  It represents bourgeoisified spirituality, as Protestantism does in another sense, or modernized Catholicism in yet another, and New Ageism in still another.  Modernly alien principles of spirit are being subjected to occupying banausic-materialist and doulic-appetitive forces.  Precisely what CS thought it should "leapfrog" over was the phenomenological education in lower-order organizing forces that Hegel understood to be indispensable to actual rather than illusory self-mastery.  (Marx, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, etc. indeed tried to outdo Hegel in this basalism or Dionysianism, and made that argument more phenomenologically elastic.)

Kenneth Smith

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