Kenneth Patchen

1911 - 1972

A Quote by Kenneth Patchen on art, life, and creativity

"It is fully practical to create that which has form in the silence. The noise art makes is usually heard by those whose lives listen to god. It is not adviseable to cheat that which has no other stake than the deeps and brights of all man."

Kenneth Patchen (1911 - 1972)


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A Quote by Kenneth Patchen on think, know, and anything

"Think enough and you won't know anything."

Kenneth Patchen (1911 - 1972)

Source: Zen to Go

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A Quote by Kenneth Patchen on absence, books, emptiness, mystery, secrets, silence, sorrow, and wine

'THIS ROOM HAS MYSTERY LIKE A TRANCE' This room has mystery like a trance Of wine ; forget-me-nots of you Are chair and couch, the books your Fingers touched. And now that you Are absent here the silence scrapes A secret rust from everything; While sudden wreaths of sorrow's Dust uncover emptiness like halls To stumble through, and terror falls

Kenneth Patchen (1911 - 1972)

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