A Quote by Kate Winslet on journey, fear, scared, freedom, and confidence

After, I gave myself one hundren f***ing percent to the film. I still can't believe what I did. It was a journey.  I'm no longer so scared what people think of me. Jane would say 'Do you think Ruth cares what people think of her?' 'No, of course not, she is unashamed and won't be judged.' 'And do you?' 'No, no, though of course I want people to like me.' 'Ah, so you do care then.'  It changed me.  It opened me up, made me less afraid.  If I'm afraid of something, it's like 'See a mountain, Kate, and you climb it girl, or what's the point?'  To back away from fear is the worst thing you can do.  Fear shows.

Kate Winslet

Contributed by: Tracy Phaup